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InfiniumHe provides innovative solutions for the

reclamation and recycling of helium.

InfiniumHe is a leading provider of cutting-edge, patented technology to reclaim and recycle helium in gas chromatographs. Today, we offer smart and innovative services to extend the life of your helium cylinders; creating significant cost savings and leaving a lighter helium footprint. 

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Our sustainable technology reduces the current retail price of ultra high purity helium from $0.99/cu ft to $0.06/cu ft* by decreasing consumption, increasing supply, and leading the way to a lighter helium footprint with infinite possibilities.

InfiniumHe provides innovative solutions to reclaim and recycle helium in analytical laboratories. Helium is a non-renewable resource with limited reserve.  InfiniumHe builds instrumentation to work synergistically with gas chromatographs.  When injecting samples into a gas chromatograph only a small portion of helium flow is actually utilized for analysis; the majority is exhausted into the lab atmosphere. Our patented instrument captures and reclaims the majority of the exhausted helium and recycles it back to the gas chromatograph extending the use of helium cylinders and significantly reducing costs.

*GC parameters: 50:1 split ratio with 1mL/min column flow rate and 2mL/min septum purge.

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Helium is a finite resource with climbing costs and limited supply.

Current industry standards do not reflect any available technology to reclaim and recycle helium in the use of gas chromatography. InfiniumHe has the patented design to implement helium recycling technology which reduces costs and thereby supports financial sustainability for analytical laboratories.

InfiniumHe products will comply with already existing state and national regulations making the transition to implementation simple and safe.

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